Friday, January 14, 2011

Patrick Street, Laidley...

looking straight down the main street of Laidley

water pouring back out of the newsagents.

Hello, I hope everyone is safe and dry. It seems my internet is back on which is great. I've been popping in to check emails once a day using Ryo's wireless internet thingy. These photos are of the main street of Laidley and were taken by Pippa Scupham-O'Shea on Tuesday 11th. The very next day the water had completely receded and the clean up was underway.

There are scenes like this and worse right across Queensland with many places still under water and others waiting anxiously as flood levels rise. 75% of Queensland has now been affected by floods this year! The clean up is going to take many many months. People have lost loved ones, homes and livelihoods. If you'd like to help raise much needed funds donations can be made to the Premiers Flood Relief Appeal. The brisStyle girls have also set up the 'BrisStyle Handmade Ark Flood Appeal' with money raised being donated to the Premiers Flood Relief Fund. There are more details here. To see items available click here.