Monday, March 31, 2008

studio globe

Takae's shop 'studio globe' on etsy is filled with handmade items from handbags to baby clothes. I bought this little bib for my newborn nephew and it arrived beautifully packaged from Japan within 3 days! The attention to detail is incredible - even the blue gingham check tape is handmade.

Thursday, March 27, 2008

meet the makers

This Friday, March 28, I'll be taking part in 'meet the makers' at Artisan. It's held on the last Friday of each month and it is a chance to meet three artists/crafts poeople who showcase their work at Artisan. This month it's Haasch, Momoko and myself, hot toffee.

Please join us -

Time: 10.30am
Date: 28 March
Venue: (M)ART, 381 Brunswick St, Fortitude Valley, QLD 4006

Tuesday, March 25, 2008

lilli pilli

These DISK BOOKS are made from reused floppy disks. They are little notebooks which are a handy size to carry in your handbag. The paper is 100% post-consumer recycled. Go to lillipilli's etsy shop to snap one up. Also available at 'The Little Market at Avid' which is held on the last Friday of each month. It's held out the back of 'Avid Reader' bookshop and cafe, 193 Boundary Street, West End Brisbane, Australia. The next market is March 28, 5.30pm - 8pm.

Tuesday, March 18, 2008

starry designs

These Birds Nest Earrings by Starry designs are so sweet! Starry is one of the first sellers I met on etsy and I just love her work. You can also find Birds Nest rings and pendants in her shop.

Sunday, March 16, 2008

for the love of food

Banana, honey & almonds on buckwheat & rice milk pancake.

Coeliac Awareness Week 13-20 March

I love food and always have so when I was diagnosed with Coeliac Disease last September and told that I could not eat any food containing Gluten for the rest of my life I was left feeling numb. Just 6 months later and after a few disasters and days going hungry, I can honestly say that I am now eating healthier food and really enjoying experimenting with cooking. While it is the end of many foods for me it is the beginning in a much bigger sense. I call it my 'rediscovery of food' - I think more about what I'm eating and the time spent preparing each meal is savored.

One of my biggest inspirations is Shauna James Ahern who celebrates all aspects of life reminding me to do the same and not get weighed down thinking about what I can't eat. Her blog also has amazing lists of resources.

For more information on Coeliac Disease visit The Ceoliac Society of Australia website.

angela tsune

These gorgeous albums by Brisbane artist Angela Tsune are handmade. Angela lived in Japan for some time and has created many artworks based on her time there. The Washi Collection 'albums' and 'secret books' are all hand cut, bound and covered with beautiful washi - Japanese paper sourced from Japan. Available for purchase from Angela's website and etsy store.

Saturday, March 15, 2008


Every day on etsy I come across beautiful art and craft. These prints of photographs which have been digitally mixed with painting are no exception. Labokoff is based in Paris and creates delicate imagery using flowers, leaves and landscape.

lolly cubes

I've always loved work in progress and I often find inspiration for new work at certain stages of creating. The lolly cubes were inspired by studs I had lined up and ready to fire..I loved the look of them as they were so did some research and experimenting with tack fusing with the lolly cube range as a result. They are now my favourite to make. I can't help loving them at all stages, the glass before firing, the smoothness of them after firing, the reflection on the top of each one and how when the glue is setting they look like they belong in a little forest casting their individual shadows.

Thursday, March 6, 2008

young designers market - Southbank

I'll be taking part in the 'Young Designers Market' at Southbank on Sunday March 9 from 10am - 4pm. It's held only once every 3 months and is a great place to meet young designers and see their latest creations. The market is located on Ernest Street between Grey and Little Stanley Street.

artist - Yuko Yamamoto

One of my favouroite Japanese Artists is Yuko Yamamoto. I own a small book titled 'Home and Form - 24 cut work card book' which has 24 reproductions of her works as postcards. I can't bring myslef to remove even one to place on my wall, I love flipping through the book and being able to feel the texture of the paper.

Yuko works with collage and creates the most interesting compositions by using positive and negative space. Her subjects include shoes, flowers, food and vessels to name just a few.

If you are in Japan you can see Yuko's work in an exhibition now until March 16 - see details below

Yuko Yamamoto "Paper Foods"

Venue: Limart
Schedule: From 2008-03-04 To 2008-03-16 at 19:00
Address: 2-10-3-1F Ebisuminami, Shibuya-ku, Tokyo 150-0022
Phone: 03-3713-8670