Thursday, January 14, 2010

art installation...

just a little more about Sydney...on Saturday afternoon Ryo and I went in search of Kinokuniya book store and on the way along George St, down a little side street I spotted bird cages hanging between the buildings (above). On closer inspection it was revealed that it's an artwork about the species of birds that were pushed out of the city as it became more and more developed. Very interesting...there were even recordings of the the different species chirping. The shadows the cages cast were just as impressive!

a packed weekend...

more about Sydney.. so on the Saturday morning we enjoyed breakfast in Surry Hills with one of my brothers and his wife. Then we meandered up Crown Street to Mushu which has a wonderful selection of bags, jewellery and homewares. Then it was time to head into the city where we surprised my sister who literally couldn't speak when she saw us. After a bite to eat we went to check out her office...what a view (above)!! How her and her colleagues get any work done I have no idea!!

flying visit...

We flew to Sydney on the weekend to surprise my sister for her 30th was great..the whole family sitting down to dinner together on Saturday, food and the best company in the world.

Sunday saw us swimming at Balmoral, drinking coffee and enjoying lunch before jumping back on a plane to come home. I just wish we all lived closer so we could meet more regularly.

Thanks for a great weekend sweet family and Happy Birthday sweet sister! xx

Tuesday, January 12, 2010


is it January 12th already?

I'd like to wish everyone a Happy New Year!

For the past 4 years I've chosen a motto or mantra for my self to try to make the balance between work and life healthier. Working for your self tends to take over your life a bit..especially when you do it from home. Last year it was LIVE THE LIFE YOU LOVE, the year before KEEP CALM AND CARRY ON, the year before TRY TO LIVE LIFE and this year it's simply STOP AND SMELL THE ROSES. All of them are based on signs I've seen around and this year is no different..I pass this sign on the highway all the's also something my Dad always says..goes something like this..'Old Brother Joseph used to say - take the time to Stop and smell the flowers'....just one of the many pearls of wisdom Dad remembers from his days at school!

So this year I'll be making an effort to STOP and SMELL THE ROSES and enjoy the simple things in with friends, walks with Pochi, tending to the garden..all the small things that make me feel good and make my life richer!

What will you do?