Monday, January 24, 2011

florist now open!

spotting this sign on my daily trip in to Laidley was quite uplifting! The florist is one of the shops that has been out of action since the floods - that is more then 2 weeks - closed, cleaning, repairing etc. It's sad to see quite a few shops (all small, locally owned businesses) damaged in the flood...about 6 of them so badly there is still no sign of them re-opening. I keep hoping to see a hint of them getting back on their feet but have heard the buildings have structural damage so it could be a while yet!

Usually I pluck flowers from our garden but had been thinking it would be nice to help support the young owner (whose grandmother owned the florist many years ago) when she re-opens...a stem every couple of days...I know it's only a small gesture but over time the little interactions make a difference...

so today it was a stem of miniature daisies, pretty yes?