Monday, December 7, 2009

busy but good...

my only purchase on the weekend - bought from this amazing textile designer. I also had my eye on this the whole day - so tempting!

a sweet gift from this lovely lady..

lovely note accompanying the above earrings from Curly Jo..

gorgeous sunflower field on our way to get our weekly vegies

the winner of my little giveaway...

The silly season is quite silly indeed! I've been working seven days a week and my stock answer when people ask me how I am these days is 'busy but GOOD'. The brisStyle market was fantastic I just wish I had a helper on the day so I could have seen all the amazing talent there. The Young Designers Market was yesterday and the sweetest, sweetest lady came up to me and said 'I've just been sitting in the restaurant across the road and could see you are struggling with the heat so I asked them for some water for you' and with that she handed me a large milkshake cup full of icy water! This very thoughtful gesture brought tears to my eyes - it really is the people you meet in life that make it so special ...not only the people you know and love but the people we all walk past everyday or have brief encounters with. Later in the day I walked over to the restaurant for another drink and the waitress said proudly with a smile 'that was my mum who gave you the water' and of course I replied with 'ohhh she was so sweet' and the waitress said again with a proud smile 'I know and she's mine'.