Saturday, August 22, 2009

Scotland Yard Antiques

We discovered Scotland Yard Antiques* late last year when my parents were staying with us for the weekend, we drove out to Esk for lunch and through Marburg on the way home. We just had to stop when we saw this shop! I've been meaning to visit again but hadn't done so until last Sunday after the New Earth Markets. This is the kind of antique shop you walk into and can't help but say 'look at that', 'look at this' and 'ooohhh look at that'. With furniture, mirrors, chandeliers, toys, ornaments, pictures, signs, is quite exciting...even the cobwebs make me happy! The shop is filled to the brim and items spill out onto the street and into another little shop 2 doors up.

*Scotland Yard Antiques - Corner Queen & Edmond Streets, Marburg. Open 7 DAYS!