Tuesday, February 14, 2012

love the small things...

I'm busily preparing for Life Instyle which has crept up quite quickly again. While there is still so much to do I can't help but feel excited. You see I love leaving this little studio to attend Life Instyle. Even though I will be working most of the time I'm in Sydney it feels like a mini holiday. I don't have a lap top or a phone that I can check my email on which also means there will be no access to lovely blogs. The things (on the long, long 'to do' list) that call my name here in the studio will stay here in the studio leaving my evenings free to spend relaxing (guilt free) with my sister.

If you are visiting Life Instyle (trade only event) please pop by and say hello. I will be on stand 1540 in the Royal Hall of Industries next to the fabulous Julie Fleming.