Thursday, January 6, 2011

my mantra


Happy 2011! I hope everyone had a lovely Christmas and has had a positive start to 2011. I've spent a lot of time cleaning, culling and generally trying to declutter our home. We are both collectors of odd objects and seem to accumulate treasures quickly. Recently I've been feeling like I'm collecting 'other people's junk'. Don't get me wrong, I love other people's junk! But I also need empty space as it balances everything out. So my aim for this year is to try to clear out the clutter in order to create more empty space and not to accumulate - this will be difficult as I really enjoy popping into op shops and garage sales. In fact I saw a sign on my local op shop saying OPENING SALE January 10! Tempting? Absolutely! I couldn't help but peek in the window. Let's see how I go x

What's your mantra?