Tuesday, December 7, 2010

a little shopping.

cute edamame from Ryo

Ok, so shopping in Japan is just as fun as I remember it to be BUT so much more overwhelming than I recall. Amazing products every which way you look can make it a wee bit difficult to choose things and the fact that things are readily available and easy to find means that sense of 'i have to have it NOW' is somewhat lost as visual overload sets in. Still there were things I just had to have and things that I thought I bought but didn't and things I was thinking about on the plane trip home that I'd forgotten to buy!

I wanted also to go to some of the little shops I frequented often when living in Japan but sadly they had closed. It seems the financial crisis has affected our little town. The stationery shop I visited almost daily for 4 and a half years. closed. For the longest time I've been planning to stock up on my favourite pens and sketch books while seeing the friendly face of the man who owned that shop. I was still able to stock up on my favs from other shops so all was not lost!

can't wait to make some envelopes using this

washi tape in colours and patterns I haven't seen in Australia yet

origami paper to add to my stash

washi paper for my little girl cards

fun & useful

So I've stocked up on pens, notebooks, magazines, books, bits and bobs for hot toffee and also have some fun new things!