Wednesday, August 11, 2010


I loved these sweet plants the first time I saw them at hanasho and finally bought one home last year. After planting it in a shady spot in the garden hoping it would fill it with pretty purple and white flowers I happily went upstairs. Only 5 minutes later I looked down from the deck into the garden to see how it looked but instead I saw Pochi with it in his mouth. cheeky! needless to say: that shady patch of the garden is still bare x

If you've not yet visited hanasho in West End {opposite the library}, please do as it is well worth the visit, Eba san has an amazing sense of aesthetic and an incredible eye for both positive and negative space. Each time I pop in he is working on a new project which could be anything from a wood block print to a test tube vase...I leave feeling inspired and grateful for knowing this soul!