Saturday, November 14, 2009

it's been too long..

old paper boat made with Pa from his losing TAB tickets

wind chime earrings for here

earrings for an exhibition to raise money for the Women's Legal Service

it took me an hour to find this millefiori for a very special custom order

loving this subtle combo of cream and white..

on Ryo's desk..folded paper box to hold his pencil shavings..

flame tree?

Mr P enjoying chewing on one of the many branches he drags in from the garden!



and more markets!!

This little blog of mine has been very neglected of late! It seems the silly season has begun and hot toffee head quarters are in utter chaos. I'm still teaching 2 days a week and trying to fit making, getting orders out, markets and life in the remainder of the time - it's a bit crazy.

I always have my camera with me so often take pics of things I think I will share here but time escapes I'll try and do a little update now. There is no rhyme or reason... really just wanted to say hello!